Protect data and infrastructure with unbreakable key distribution technology

Threats for the digital world are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Quantum Bridge delivers information-theoretically secure solutions based on decades of globally recognized research.

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Information-theoretic security is non-negotiable when it comes to encrypting and exchanging highly sensitive information. Enterprises and government agencies alike need a new, scalable standard that can match the rigour of the threat landscape, guard secret communications, and defend against present and future computational threats.

Distributed Symmetric Key Exchange (DSKE) from Quantum Bridge is the industry’s first symmetric key distribution technology that delivers future-proofed security at scale without the use of any asymmetric key cryptography.

Future-proof symmetric key distribution

Distributed Symmetric Key Exchange (DSKE) delivers symmetric key distribution with perfect secrecy.

Scale with ease

Rely on system scalability driven by pre-shared random data, not bilateral pre-shared keys.

Integrate Effortlessly

Seamlessly integrate DSKE into your organization’s existing operations, infrastructure and industry-standard encryption algorithms.

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DSKE is an unbreakable key distribution solution that can be delivered as an appliance or a software solution, depending on your organization’s existing infrastructure, use cases and security requirements.

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