Protect your data and


with unbreakable key

distribution technology

Protect your data and infrastructure
with unbreakable key distribution technology

Threats for the digital world are evolving at an unprecedented pace. Quantum Bridge delivers information-theoretically secure solutions based on decades of globally recognized research.

Quantum Risk: is your data really protected?

Quantum computers threaten current encryption, enabling “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks, jeopardizing today’s data security.

PKI Complexity and Computational Needs

PKI certificates management can be daunting
and create critical vulnerabilities in key management.

Single points of failure

Centralized cybersecurity systems risk entire network security
by creating vulnerable single points of failure.

Easy, Cost-Effective, Simple

Other solutions like Post-Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Key Distribution may be complex to integrate in your infrastructure.
We offer scalable symmetric key solutions, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and guaranteed by a security proofs.

Migrate today to a quantum-safe posture.

State-of-the-art communication technology that is rooted in proven principles

Protect against computational attack

The security of DSKE is independent of the classical or quantum computational power of potential adversaries and comes with proof of information-theoretical security.

Scale with ease

On-board new clients at any time, without affecting existing clients or their ability to communicate.

Establish decentralized trust

DSKE relies on a key delivery process that is based on a decentralized set of security hubs, eliminating the need for trusted service providers.

Ensure Randomness

DSKE uses quantum random number generation for keys used in both encryption and authentication.

Achieve robust security

DSKE helps your organization to achieve communication robustness and security that can operate over the most hostile networks.

Automate symmetric key generation and distribution

Current pre-shared key solutions are labor-intensive and difficult to scale. DSKE eliminates errors, saves time and reduces symmetric key management costs.

Eliminate the single point of failure

Ensure fault tolerance and reliability through a decentralized solution where there is no single point of failure, or single point of trust.

Support computational efficiency

DSKE is suitable for even the most resource-constrained devices like smartphones, ICs and SCADA systems and IoT devices.

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