Our solutions deliver cryptographic defense based on well understood, provably secure principles. They generate, distribute and manage cryptographic keys that can be consumed at any layer of the network to protect communication.

Deploy symmetric key distribution solutions with unconditional security

Symmetric key cryptographic protocols are best practice when it comes to securing the exchange of information between two parties, and are the only solutions that are guaranteed to be information-theoretically safe from quantum threats. Unfortunately, current methods for pre-sharing symmetric keys are often ad-hoc, manual and difficult to scale. Distributed Symmetric Key Exchange (DSKE) is the industry’s first symmetric key distribution technology that delivers future-proofed security at scale without the use of any asymmetric cryptography.

Government and Defense

National security is of paramount importance to protect our societies, economies, and welfare. In a world where technologies evolve at an exponential pace, new cyber and computational attacks keep being developed, bringing cybersecurity to the centre of the required defense. Specifically, network security requires secure encryption, authentication, integrity, and anonymity of packets exchanged on information networks. DSKE provides security against any present or future computational attacks on communication networks.

Finance and Fintech

The finance industry continues to make great strides in moving beyond a traditional brick and mortar business to a digital model. However, while technology continues to advance, financial institutions compromise data security or regulatory compliance. Processes and technology used to encrypt sensitive financial data must adhere to the highest standards. DSKE delivers secure and fully automated symmetric encryption that complies with existing and evolving standards.   

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure provides power, water and other services to ensure the healthy functioning of our society. These services are at risk of both physical and online attacks, and the consequences can be devastating and even life-threatening. Critical infrastructure is increasingly becoming connected to easily accessible networks and the public Internet, creating new opportunities for would-be adversaries to potentially wreak havoc. DSKE can be easily integrated into the systems that we all rely upon to significantly elevate the security posture of those systems.

Network Security

Trillions of packets travel over the internet every day. These packets can originate at any point on the globe and travel to any other point, crossing national boundaries, jurisdictions, and service providers. During this journey, these packets are literally being recorded without the sender or receiver’s knowledge, which is happening today and has been for years. Even encrypted packets are being stored by hostile states (and other threat actors) in wait for technology advancements (such as quantum computing) that will trivialize the task of deciphering that data. DSKE can be easily used to encrypt and authenticate any type of communication (internet packet, radio, copper, SMS, and so on) to make it categorically impossible for these communications to be decrypted ever.