About us

At Quantum Bridge, we’re working to build a quantum-based internet that will revolutionize the way that the world generates, processes, exchanges and secures data.

Our mission is to deliver unbreakable network and endpoint security solutions to organizations that require unconditional security to encrypt and exchange highly sensitive and classified information.

Founded in 2019, Quantum Bridge is developing and bringing to market state-of-the-art communication technologies based on principles of classical and quantum information theory.

The company’s technology foundation builds on the team’s decades of research and industry experience in the fields of quantum and classical information theory, communication, cryptography and cybersecurity.

We’re tackling cutting-edge engineering and theoretical problems related to the generation and manipulation of quantum entanglement, including quantum repeaters and core proprietary technology to make current networks quantum-resilient.

Leadership Team

Mattia Montagna

Chief Executive Officer

Mattia Montagna is CEO and co-founder at Quantum Bridge. Mattia is an entrepreneur, academic author, inventor, and researcher in the fields of monetary and financial economics. Mattia earned two Masters in Physics, a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, and a post-doc fellowship at the University of Toronto. Before moving to Canada to work on Quantum Bridge, Mattia worked at the European Central Bank as Principal Financial Stability Expert, where he was leading a group of quantitative researchers.

Hoi-Kwong Lo

Chief Technology Officer

Hoi-Kwong Lo is CTO and co-founder at Quantum Bridge. He is a highly cited author and inventor. He is co-inventor of the all-photonic quantum repeater and ranks as one of the world’s top five most productive and impactful authors in quantum cryptography. Hoi-Kwong formerly held positions with Hewlett-Packard and MagiQ Technologies and serves as Professor of Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Cambridge University and a Ph.D. in Physics from Caltech.

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