About Us

Quantum Bridge Technologies is a Canadian technology startup founded in 2019 to develop and bring to market state-of-the-art communication technologies based on principles of classical and quantum information theory. The company’s technology foundation builds on the team’s decades of research and industry experience in the fields of quantum and classical information theory, communication, cryptography, and cybersecurity. 

Today’s internet has had a massive impact on our world. It made possible strong advances in a wide variety of fields, enabling technologies that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago. Quantum technologies hold the promise to revolutionize, once more, the way we generate, process, and exchange data. Quantum Information is much richer in structure than classical information, and with it come new unprecedented computational capabilities.

The exchange of Quantum Information, however, can not happen on classical networks. Instead, a new type of internet is necessary to allow the exchange and processing of quantum information on new quantum processors. Such a Quantum Internet will unlock unprecedented computational capabilities and will allow for intrinsically secure communication, clock synchronization, new distributed quantum sensor networks, secure identification, exponential savings in communication, as well as secure access to remote quantum computers in the cloud.

The mission of our company is to build the Quantum Internet.

We strongly believe that this new, fundamental way to process and exchange information will have a massive impact on people’s lives. We also believe that the number and variety of applications that will be implemented on the Quantum Internet are still largely unknown.

On the way to delivering functional quantum networks, Quantum Bridge commercializes quantum-inspired technologies for communication and cyber security.

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