Symmetric-Key Distribution System (SDS)

Automate the generation and distribution of symmetric keys in your infrastructure

Our DSKE products use patented technology that seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, delivering quantum-safe, computationally efficient and fully scalable key distribution systems, either for network appliances or endpoint based solution.


Compatible with existing protocols, including IPsec and MACsec


Easy to integrate in your infrastructure


Scalable, quantum-safe and future proof solution


No certificates or PKI required

How to make your infrastructure future-proof with Quantum Bridge Symmetric Key Distribution System


Deploy your own Security Hubs, on-prem or in the cloud, or use third party Hubs as a service.


Deploy Quantum Bridge Key Management Entities (KME) in each site or endpoint requiring protection.


Configure existing appliances to obtain keys from the Quantum Bridge KME.


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Benefits and Features

Layer and Vendor Agnostic

Our solution can be integrated at any layer and with standard API and protocol, such as IPsec and MACsec.

Highly Scalable

Typical Pre-Shared Key solutions do not scale. Quantum Bridge SDS is designed to easily scale to any number of sites and endpoints.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate in your infrastructure, at any layer, and with minimal operational overhead.

Future Proof

Our solutions comes with an auditable security proof about computational unbreakability, to maximise return on your investment over the years.

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