Quantum Key Infrastructure™

Where unconditional security meets performance.

A new kind of Zero Trust Network.

Quantum Key Infrastructure™ (QKI) is the first global network that enables the distribution of quantum-endowed, encryption keys at scale. QKI can be easily integrated into standard symmetric encryption modules, like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), or information-theoretic secure encryption, like the one-time pad (known widely as Vernam cipher). QKI is a global key distribution system that does not require trust in external service providers. The trust is distributed among the QKI operators.

QKI is integrated into standard Layer 3 (L3) network infrastructure. QKI distributes keys without the need to trust service providers, and does not rely upon PKI or asymmetric key encryption. All packets are encrypted and authenticated point to point, in a mathematically provable secure system.

The QBT QKI Network is accessed via QKI Gateways. These are physical gateway appliances that guarantee proof of access to the QKI network. Every packet travelling through a QKI gateway, and directed to another QKI gateway, is encrypted and authenticated with quantum-endowed encryption keys at scale. The QKI gateways can be easily integrated into existing L3 VPNs or deployed behind newly installed L3 VPNs. The benefits of QKI are the following:

  • Information theoretical secure encryption and authentication
  • Perfect forward secrecy
  • Physical Proof-of-Access (PoA) authentication
  • No trust required in the service providers
  • Future-proof, quantum proof



QuBridge™ Headquarter

QuBridge™ Headquarter is a QKI Gateway with large capacity which can be deployed to protect Local Area Networks (LAN) to serve more than 20 clients per QuBridge™ Headquarter. The QuBridge™ Headquarter can be easily integrated into any L3 VPNs to enforce encryption and authentication with a physical proof-of-access technology. Our QKI Software Development Kit can be used as a stand-alone, key distribution, module to feed any cryptographic algorithm. We also provide full-stack bump-in-the-wire solutions based on the same technology.

Qubridge™ Office

QuBridge™ Office is a smaller capacity QKI Gateway that can be deployed to protect small offices, home offices, or single endpoints, for a maximum of 20 devices per QuBridge™ Office. The QuBridge™ Office is a seamless solution that can accommodate diverse purposes. It provides the highest level of security for encryption and authentication, as it combines quantum-endowed keys with a proprietary proof-of-access mechanism. 

QuBridge™ Guardia

QuBridge™ Guardias are the operators of the QKI key distribution system. They operate in a fully decentralized fashion, and therefore QKI clients are not required to trust them. A Guardia’s role is to sustain QKI clients in the process of generating symmetric keys, and they feed the QKI system with quantum-sourced entropy that is distilled into secret keys by QKI clients. QuBridge™ Guardias can be operated by the hosting organization, by third-party providers, or a combination.

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